Premium quality

BIG4SPACE is THE ONLY manufacturer of outdoor kitchens, BBQ gazebos and other outdoor equipment using E-coating + Powder coating technology.

Double corrosion protection:

  • Frame: E-coated (inside and outside) and powder coated
  • Side panels: Galvanised and powder coated
  • Worktop: 304 food grade stainless steel

UV (colour fading) protection:

  • Powder coating: 15 years UV stabilised
  • High pressure laminates front doors: 80 years UV stabilised

Read more about E-coating ( Electrostatic coating) automotive industry standard:

The method of the electrophoretic cathode metal coating is a technological process used for coating of metal surfaces with a thin, solid and corrosion-resistant paint layer.

The prepared parts are coated in a paint bath (~ 20 m3), where paint using an electrical current is precipitated onto a cathode. The excess paint is washed off to get an even coating and dried at high temperature ~ 200 °C.

Coating process ensures an even and desired thickness coating for any geometrically complicated structures as well as for inner cavities of the parts. It is a standard method of coating used in the automotive industry for more than 25 years.

E-coating comply with requirements of automotive corrosion resistance standards such as: VW TL260 + TL227 , BMW GS 90011 LASW3, DBL 7391.50 and many more.